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“William Henry Seward and the Irrepressible Conflict” Presented by Walter Stahr

  • Los Angeles FamilySearch Library @ The Los Angeles Mormon Temple 1591 East Temple Way Los Angeles, CA, 90024 United States (map)

At our meeting on November 12, Walter Stahr will answer an array of question and more, while telling us the fascinating story of William Seward. Can you name Lincoln’s Secretary of State? Did you know he had been an antislavery Governor of New York, and a United States Senator? What about his unsuccessful effort to become president in 1860, or his role in internal security and military affairs during the Civil War? What did he do after the Civil War, and how was he involved in the first presidential impeachment?  Finally, why is his name associated with the purchase of Alaska?    Walter is hoping that you will read his book, and ask probing questions after his presentation.  Do not miss this meeting!

Walter Stahr, is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Law School, and a well known historian, as well as the author of three biographies to date: of John Jay, William Henry Seward, and Edwin Stanton. Several of his books have won prizes, and Seward was a New York Times bestseller. He is now at work on a biography of Salmon P. Chase.